The Perfect Solution to achieving your ideal body shape that meets the demands of both men and women.

HYPOXI® is one of the most scientifically recommended targeted fat and cellulite reduction systems people worldwide are opting for, why? It can naturally target stubborn areas like the waist, stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, through a gentle exercise program. Most importantly, it has been scientifically proven to offer 3 times more circumference loss than any regular exercise, offering significant results in a shorter time frame.

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How it works

The HYPOXI-Vacunaut® system is the most effective solution to target the abdominal and hip region. It features a Vacunaut® pressure suit containing 140 integrated pressure chambers that applies high and low pressure to problem areas. The point to use pressure is to increase blood circulation to target fatty tissues, whilst you exercise on the treadmill. The feeling is just like a mini-massage during a low intensity workout.


Finally, the long-awaited request is fulfilled, for a flat stomach and tight skin.

Many women have problems with loose skin and excess fat after pregnancy. Even sports and diets usually don’t provide the desired results.

But do not be discouraged, because the HYPOXI-Method® works wonders!


Are you looking to shape up even though you are working out intensely or do you like to regenerate your muscles from your exercise regime? HYPOXI® might just be the answer...


Real Results



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